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Being above the influence of others seemed to be my Mom's mantra. With Roe's Way Foundation, we hope to encourage others to adopt the same philosophy and live life as the best version of themselves. We also seek to reach women in need of guidance, the desire to grow independently and to help others both personally and professionally.

Some of the greatest influences in history did not rise until they passed away, and my Mom is no exception to this theory. On Saturday, February 18th, 2017, I began to walk down a new journey of discovery and learned very quickly how she touched the lives of so many. 

Growing up, my Mom was my greatest supporter and involved in every aspect of my life. I was never a center stage performer, but she made sure she had a front row seat to every dance recital, school show, professional engagement and personal milestone. She encouraged me to do my best and never give up under any circumstances. She led by example in her own life by always rising above conflict, being courageous, hardworking and never allowing others to influence her negatively. She did it the only way she knew how - her way... Roe's Way!

Looking back at how hard she and my dad worked to provide a good life for me, I can recall many ways she accomplished so much more than the average person because she was so unique. During my Mom’s treatment and recoveries, I kept feeling a burning in my heart. For a long time, I had no idea what it meant, but I knew deep down inside that something good would come from this heart wrenching situation. I remember the first time we got a clear scan report. She was elated and first thing she committed to doing was helping others, rather than just herself. I am putting my Mom’s life to work and inspiring others to do it Roe’s Way!

My Mom was never afraid of hard work. She cleaned houses when I was little, even becoming friends with her elderly clients and took care of them as part of our family. Her treatment of these clients was just the beginning of how her career would unfold and she separated herself as the best! This became the core of her professional career as it began to unfold unexpectedly. She knew how to get things done. Whether it was pulling weeds or managing a regional team of professionals, there was only one way to walk through the trenches - her way...Roe's Way!

A peacock symbolizes integrity and it is no surprise that Mom was fascinated with these amazing creatures. They became her trademark.

We are not experts, we just created a good life because we chose to. Because of my Mom, I overcame high school bullies, career goals and setbacks, relationship failures, heartaches, you name it!

My goal is to continue her legacy offering resources to other women so they can be the best version of themselves and find it within themselves to be independently successful. I want to encourage women to dream big, set high goals and be proud of themselves for overcoming obstacles while lifting others. My desire is to encourage young women to make great things happen!

Let's get out there and start doing things Roe's Way!

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