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Kristen was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Deerfield Beach, FL. With nearly 20 years in hospitality and a passion for entertaining since childhood (which was passed down from her Mom (Roe) and Grandma), she has a continuous desire to support others. She has served on the board of directors for the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce and Meeting Professionals International, invited as presenter for local city functions, guest speaker and is currently Co-chair for Boca Raton Community High School’s Annual Auction and Honor Roll Recognition Program.

As an advocate for community championing several charity events, Kristen has cooperated with many local city leaders and developed high-profile awareness campaigns with global companies. She has operated on regional levels with Marriott International and possesses a sincere passion for coaching and training. She has a true empathy for women to overcome obstacles after living through her own pain from high school bullying, toxic relationships and single parenting. (Click here to learn more details on THE RIGHT STEP page).

During her professional career, Kristen participated in top-notch development programs which afforded her only the highest in service standards and management positioning which mirrors Roe’s outlook of management. This also brought her into local universities to present as a guest teacher and speak on a panel of industry experts. She has a hands on approach, take charge personality, is dedicated, passionate, and thrives on a positive attitude, all of which she credits her Mom (Roe).


Kristen believes in a world with more understanding, kindness and appreciation of each other because of, not in spite of, our differences. That is Roe’s Way.


Kristen loves gathering with family and friends, cooking, sports, beach, golf, writing and DIY projects. She resides with her husband and children in Boca Raton.


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Shirley was born in Winchester, MA, raised in Woburn, MA and at age 15 moved to Latham, NY where she graduated before moving to Florida at 28 with her family including three small daughters ages 5, 2 and 6 months old. She has been a licensed Private Investigator since 1993 with her forte being missing persons, probate heirs and finding biological parents for adult adoptees pro bono. With her tremendous skillset, she has worked for financial corporations from 2000 to present as a researcher and skip tracer.


She was an 8-year Officer of the South Florida Investigators Association and a founding committee member of the Florida Certified Investigators Program. One of her greatest achievements was receiving the family flag of WWII pilot interred at Washington National Cemetery for finding his DNA relative. Shirley was also responsible for the success of a missing person for 17 years that was featured on Court TV and many adoptee/birth parent reunions with one being featured locally in Deerfield Beach.


During her 35 year friendship with Roe, they created a bond that has proven to last a lifetime. They raised their daughters together in the same community, church and even dance studio.


Shirley adores her grandchildren and enjoys golf, dancing, bowling, rollerblading and genealogy. She currently resides in Boca Raton, FL.



Meredith is a Philadelphia, PA native and has been in Florida since 2004. She is the Director of National Meetings and Events for one of South Florida’s most premier event planning and destination management companies. She has mastered the event planning process and is considered a destination event specialist for individual clients and globally recognized corporations.


Her reputation as being a resourceful and efficient Event Manager has been earned after over 11 years in the hospitality industry and a track record of providing unparalleled exceptional results. Meredith has the proven ability to focus on her client needs and quickly earn their confidence, and create valuable alliances with their vendors and team members. Her upbeat and humorous attitude makes even the most demanding projects enjoyable. She has a knack for partnering with venues to create unique options for events of all sizes.


Meredith has a passion for perfection and is extremely hardworking which is why it is no surprise she and Kristen became friends through a hotel partnership back in 2010. She is a member of Meeting Professional International and attends industry-related events all over the US. She is devoted to educating others about event management and persistently seeking business venture opportunities.


Meredith is a huge fan of Philadelphia Flyers hockey, enjoys traveling to Hawaii and entertaining friends. She currently resides in Boca Raton, FL.




Joan Mee-Ladie was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in South Florida. She originally pursued her goals with a criminal justice major in order to chase her passion advocating for programs helping youth reintegrate into society. She has attended numerous public speaking events bringing awareness for the Epilepsy Foundation and Camp Boggy Creek. Since age 16, she has appeared on many red and blue carpet events as a model for famous designers across the globe. Holding two prestigious titles (International Junior Miss 2011 and Ms. United States 2016) Joan Mee-Ladie was able to serve as a judge for local, state and international pageants.


Although her talents were on the runway, modeling and the pageant industry, she decided to take on the family trade and became an Electrical Engineer. Specializing in Solar Energy and Automation, she single-handedly serviced two major power stations in the Caribbean. With her proficiency in imports and exports, she successfully cooperated alongside her husband and together have engaged in international business; servicing utility, telecommunications and industrial companies. 

She is a true advocate for education and one day hopes to build an engineering school for less developed countries. She has a proven track record of being a successful woman in business and hopes that through her life experiences she will be a role model for young girls and teens. 

Joan Mee-Ladie loves spending time with her husband, traveling the world, volunteering and building their corporation. She’s a big foodie, loves sports and animals and even dreams of owning a farm one day! 

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