Literally putting the "Roe" in Roe's Way

(This is a pic of mom and me at her last chemo appointment, May 2016).

This week during my hospital volunteer shift, I met a new patient. She was there getting her first chemo infusion. She had one of her adult daughters by her side for support. Before meeting them, I felt drawn to them for some reason. We began chatting and had a fun conversation about Italian family traditions, New Yorkers and the special bond between mothers and daughters. Come to find out, HER mom’s name is actually Rosemarie, same as mine AND she is from Brooklyn, just like us. Then, her other daughter joined them. Guess what her name is? Roe!!! We shared some special conversations about our moms. Although both of our moms are in heaven, we felt them with us today.

I miss my mom so much I do not have words to describe it. It was emotional, yet comforting to hear all the similarities I had with this patient and her family. It made me feel warm, not sad. I love talking about my mom. It really helps me by keeping her a part of my world rather than suppress the pain. The more I share about my mom, the more I realize how much of her lives on through me. At the conclusion of her treatment and enduring hours of needles and meds, the patient and both of her daughters gave me a huge hug and said they will be making the next appointment on a Tuesday so we can be together again.

Moments like this make me appreciate the person I am today because of my mother. It makes me so happy to know I am making a difference in other people’s lives because of her. I treasure my job as a mom and hope my children know how much I love them the way my mom loved me. My mom always showed up. She never judged me. She never told me I couldn’t do anything I set my mind to. She encouraged me to use my strengths and to try my best in everything I set out to do. My children were loved and adored so much by her also and no matter how hard some days can be, I will raise them Roe’s Way and share her love and joy!

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