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To step in the right direction can also mean to lead by example. Roe never supported negativity and stood strongly against bullying of any kind. She raised her family to treat everyone equally. We hope that Roe's Way Foundation encourages people, especially today's youth, to not be afraid of stepping in the right direction and accepting everyone, not despite of their differences, but because of them.

Kristen was the victim of bullying throughout her high school years. It even caused her to finally drop out of school during her Junior year and earn her GED. She missed out on homecoming, prom and walking across the stage in a cap and gown. There are no graduation portraits, but the pain is a memory that lasted many years.

You never know how one act of bullying can destroy another person. On the other hand, one act of kindness can turn things around even faster! Our goal with RWF is to get in front of high school students and remind them about the dangers of bullying. Thankfully, over time, Kristen's wounds healed and she overcame the heartache, but it was NOT easy! Sitting alone at lunch, getting beat up, being afraid to walk down certain hallways or show up to school at all took a toll! It caused a lot of insecurity and as a result, relationships became complicated. Whether it was family, a boyfriend or even childhood friends, every relationship struggled. 


To meet Kristen now, most people are surprised to learn this was her high school experience. What they also do not realize is it took many years, many failures and a lot of self love to finally be the person she is today. Her passion for coaching young women and teaching about the importance of anti-bullying has become a key component of RWF. Kristen has made it a personal goal to give back and continues speaking publicly at local high schools and universities. 

Kristen's oldest son, Dylan wrote an article about anti-bullying. Please click the link below to read it.

For more information about Kristen's story, or to invite her to speak at your school or event, please submit your request on our CONTACT page. There is never a fee for these engagements as a complimentary service of Roe's Way Foundation.

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